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I am obsessed with helping others feel their very best! Whether learning to heal your gut through holistic remedies & nutrition changes or to trust your gut through life-coaching and goal-setting supports, you can take control of your state and author your own story;  unapologetically, with grace, confidence and excitement.

Progress over Perfection.

Empowered over Exhausted.

Inspired over Intimidated. 

The power we have to create our own happiness, regardless of circumstance is incredible. And there are certain processes and strategies effective in doing so. This became clear when I unexpectedly lost my daughter Leyden at the age of four months.  My world was shattered. All of the "should-be's" weren't. Motherhood was stripped from me and the world made no sense. It was hard to get out of bed, my purpose was lost and I had no motivation nor did I think it was possible, to live happily. While unwelcomed, the journey of grief taught me more about the journey of life than I ever imagined possible. 

Growth isn't always forward progress. It's messy. It's hard. But it is worth it. And while you work your way to whatever goal you are pursuing, just keep showing up. Life is too short to feel stuck.

My style fuses direct communication, solution-oriented thinking and authentic supports. Everyone's goals, pasts and needs differ- so should your action plans.

Ready To Make A Change In Your Life? Let's Chat! 

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“I was skeptical of having a life coach and didn’t believe it could help me. My mind totally changed when I met Melissa- I am so impressed with her knowledge and the education she has put into her career to help people. She has also been through her own struggles and that makes her so real, which is another reason I believe she has been such a help to me. I look at her as a coach and role model; if she can accomplish what she has, there is no reason I can't step up to the plate! My journey is never ending- but it’s a whole lot easier with a coach to help me along the way. I am so grateful I met Melissa!"

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"Before you and I worked together i was in a constantly in a state of craziness. I couldn’t tell a calm day from a crazy day. But NOW when I’m not like that, I can feel it! Thank you for the skills and the tools I never even knew I was missing!"

1:1 Client, Age 41

"I have spent years yo-yo dieting…. Not anymore since learning I had to shift my mindset for long term results- and we haven't even talked about nutrition or diet. This is bananas.... Our work is very action step driven, which I appreciate."

1:1 Client, Age 36

"I feel this huge sense of weightlessness. I feel like I have made the decision about what I want my life to be. And I feel so calm about it. It’s a sense of feeling and knowing. And I never thought after just 4 weeks you would give me the tools I needed to get a new job."

1:1 Client, Age 29

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