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I'm Melissa and I am so grateful you have joined this journey!

Me? Pretty healthy, with a chance of nachos. A user of many words  (passion?) and even more cayenne. I am a little obsessed with matcha. And very obsessed with empowering others to feel their best, most confident, clear, selves.

I ditched scales, acne, anxiety meds, calorie counting and yo-yo dieting by healing my own gut. I lost and kept off a lot of weight, found more clarity and a heck of a lot more energy. Beyond my belly, in my heart, I left cubicle life to pursue my passion and discovered what cultures and pursuits serve me well- so I can then serve others well. I discovered I didn't have to wake up every day worried, stressed, anxious or fearful. And I freed myself from a long history of seeking perfection and approval of "everyone." Bye-Bye unwinnable quests! 

It is with both heartache and pride that I credit one beautiful soul for all these life changes- my curious, strong, resilient, loving and snuggly, daughter Leyden. 

Motherhood, rocked my world. 

Grief, shattered it. 

After her unexpected passing at the age of four months, I found myself facing devastating and overwhelming adversity.  I found that to function when broken, I needed to be really smart with resources- energy, fuel, emotions and more.  I became fascinated by this and studied relentlessly. After realizing how misinformed we are as a society- I sought to apply my leadership, education and coaching background to guide others to rewrite their scripts, to author their stories with more joy and more fulfillment.  

Of all my experiences, it is the challenges, the moments of being knocked to my knees, unsure how to get up, that allow me to best support you when you feel broken. I offer the compassion, empathy and safe-space necessary to truly pick yourself up- not just a momentary stand. I am so honored to be trusted to help you make shifts in your life to feel your best- one small change at a time. 

YOU have the chance to live meaningfully and with clarity. You have a chance to love life. Stop accepting feeling "ok" each day. I believe, at my core, life is too short to feel foggy, lost and overwhelmed. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share strategies, ideas and resources to shift from getting through life, to THRIVING.


Melissa Dlugolecki 

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"Melissa's energy is incredible! Through her coaching I was able to improve my fitness, but more importantly I was able to improve my happiness. We worked on how to manage life stressors, how to prioritize what mattered and how to enlist the supports needed when challenges came my way. She was always patient, listened attentively and gave me advice in a non-judgmental way. At first I was nervous to work with someone younger than me but Melissa is someone who has wisdom far beyond her years. I am so grateful that she helped me change my perspective on my situation, focus on what I could control and feel truly happy again. Thank you Melissa!"

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  • Certified Yoga Instructor 

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Holistic Remedies Certified

  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier (3x)

  • 12 years of coaching experience 

  • Public Speaker 

  • Certified Teacher, MA

  • Certified Master Athletic Administrator

  • Mother

  • Compassionate, Empathetic, Driven, (Occassionally Sarcastic) Human 

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