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What happens when a bootcamp teaching, cycle instructing, fireball of muscle and a green juicing, yoga teaching, life-coaching mamma, combine their passion for helping women get fit, get energized and

embrace their inner badass?


Together, we help busy women lose weight, increase energy and improve gut health. 

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June 1st- June 29th

We help busy women who are ready to make a change, break free of what keeps them stuck.

Through workouts, health/ nutrition & gut health education you gain energy and lose weight.

  • 30-minute HIIT at home workouts with video demo/modification.

  • Weekly cardio challenges.

  • Guided Yoga Flows Through Instructed Video.

  • Q&A on Live Video & Calls

  • Individual Coaching Support 

  • Time, Money & Stress Saving Strategies. 


We are PASSIONATE about serving busy women who are ready to make a change and want the tools and information to do make changes in their health and fitness, within their crazy schedules.

If you aren't ready to commit an hour a day to your workout and health education, this program isn't the right fit. If you are ARE ready to give one hour to your body, your health & your gut....    get ready to MOVE. 

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Get Fit

Here you benefit from our experience as both collegiate athletes and tenured instructors. We have years of experience leading  group fitness, "bootcamp", spin, running and yoga. We have created at home workouts that are effective, progressive and can be done in 30 minutes or less!  Workouts are sent Sunday night so that you can fit them in around YOUR schedule.


Get Lean

Feeling energized and losing weight correlates directly to how you fuel your body. In our program, we overview ways that you can shift habits, add supplements and make small changes to achieve big results. Every day we cover a different topic (gut health, juicing, superfoods, dining out etc) in a format that you can access in real time or whenever you have time.


Get Moving

We believe movement happens with knowledge, passion, inspiration and motivation. Which is why the coaching support is our very favorite part of the program. Whether we are discussing your goals, helping adjust workouts, examining roadblocks or challenges it is our privilege to fully support you. It takes a village and we are lucky to have one full of so many amazing, badass women.



brings excitement for anything and everything fitness (and her pup). And she's darn good at it. Mooch was a finalist for the AMERICA's MOST INSPIRING INSTRUCTOR! A group fitness and spinning instructor, personal trainer and nutrition fanatic, Mooch's unmatched energy and ability to relate to people has helped men and women ranging in age and level make serious changes in their lives. She leads a team on an annual 280 mile bike ride to strike out ALS, has run half marathons and marathons all with the hopes to help others around her feel inspired to MOVE.

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brings her expertise as a yoga instructor, a life coach and a mom as well as her journey with gut health and healing. Mel struggled with food allergies and inflammation for over a decade. She found that through small changes in her diet and fitness, she has lost, and kept off, 20 pounds, and she was able to treat anxiety and depression without medication.  She regularly shares 4 strategies that helped her to do so. She is certified in teaching, athletic administration, mindfulness and holistic remedies, a public speaker, 3-time Boston Marathon Qualifier and runs on behalf of Boston Children’s Hospital, a place that makes her heart MOVE.

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Over the last ten years we have both coached hundreds of people in different capacities and are so excited to join forces to help women access double the resources in one place. We first united while Mel’s brother was hugging the toilet during one of Mooch’s bootcamp classes. Yup, really. We quickly discovered that we were both Division One collegiate athletes who entered the 9-5pm workforce to find that cubicles were not for us. We also learned that health and fitness had been instrumental in our own coping and healing through difficult losses in our life. Both of us found a way to honor our loved ones, Mooch’s father and Mel’s daughter, through MOVEment.

But it gets better. We realized we shared a vision of helping women feel strong, clear and energized. And our two worlds of coaching perfectly complemented each other in a way that could help busy women who don’t have a lot of time, get fit, efficiently and sustainably. So, we partnered to co-found “MOVE.”

MOVE.: About
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